Spreads: Competitive and low spreads from just 1 pip, fixed 24 hours a day.

Leverage: Greater buying power with leverage up to 1:500.

Fees: Commission free for all trading instruments.

Margin: There are no margin requirements for accounts under $100,000. We feature guaranteed Stop-Loss which means that traders
cannot lose more than their original investment.

Mini Trading: Traders may deposit as little as $100, and open a position with as little as $10,000 or 0.01 Lots.

Account Classes: Traders can choose between four different account types: Mini for under $2,000, Standard $2000 -$10,000, Classic
$10,000 - $100,000 and Premium Account for $100,000 and over.

Company Profile
YoutradeFX is an internet brokerage and investment company that enables its clients to invest in CFD’s (contracts for difference) on
the foreign exchange market, commodities, stock and indices. They aim to build a long-term relationship with their clients based on
their corporate values of trust and performance. They provide unparalleled quality and function combined with great costumer
With the most advanced trading technology and services, YoutradeFX Group has made online Forex trading easy. With them you can
enjoy trading conditions which are of the best in the industry. Additionally, they ensure optimal information technology security for
their clients. The Forex forum enables both new and experienced traders to discuss various Forex trading issues openly.
YoutradeFX Group caters for a growing client base of private and institutional traders, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, by providing
specialized trading services in over 10 languages. They are committed to providing their clients and partners with the most
comprehensive and competitive trading solutions in the industry, delivering tighter spreads, excellent liquidity, the highest level of
customer service and technological innovation.
YoutradeFX Group offers the latest range of trading technology, featuring the powerful MetaTrader 4 trading platform for individual
traders and multi-account platforms for asset managers. They also offer their cutting edge trading applications: Web, Mobile, Smart
Phone and Tablet..
Through their in-house R&D department, they inspire their clients to become better informed traders by offering premium, daily
technical analysis, macroeconomic reports developed by a team of professional experts with extensive Forex industry experience so
that the clients will be as successful as possible.
YoutradeFX Group has developed automated trading tools (expert advisors, custom indicators and scripts) that require minimal
intervention and allow traders to automate their trading strategy, improve discipline, remove emotion, and capture opportunities.
Traders can choose from over 20 pre-defined trading strategies to create custom portfolios and automatically execute trades
according to their specifications.
To further their commitment to education, the website features premium video tutorials to help beginner traders. The tutorials
range from basic trading techniques, technical analysis and fundamental analysis, to the types of risk and money management
required to become a successful trader. You can easily apply the lessons to the real time Forex market and trade like a professional
in no-time.

Trading Technology
A team of experts ensures that their clients operate in optimal conditions at all times. Accessibility, security, reliability, innovation
and user-friendliness are youtradeFX's cornerstones in providing the industry’s most advanced trading conditions.
Information Technology Security
Their electronic trading infrastructure uses the most advanced technology to give you the best possible edge for online trading. This
high-performance design offers optimal security against connectivity and latency issues thanks to a strategic arrangement of
internet providers and data centers set up to accommodate clients across the globe. Their infrastructure is secured for business
continuity with safeguards against data loss and downtime via a core disaster recovery plan as well as internal and external backup
Trading Technology Solutions
YoutradeFX offers the most comprehensive and advanced trading technology solutions, keeping business partners and clients ahead
of the competition with the market’s most versatile, cutting-edge, secure, and user-friendly trading tools.